Traditionally Speaking Podcast

Do you wish Christmas could last the whole year – wherever you live? In this festively-themed podcast, Scottish writer Tom Christie and America’s favourite Santa Claus, Joe Moore, chat about the different Christmas traditions that are celebrated in their respective countries. With a new topic in every episode, they explore the similarities, the differences, the legends and the downright eccentric!The ethos behind Traditionally Speaking is to take a look at the many different customs that have come to be associated with the festive season and then consider how they are celebrated in the USA, Scotland, and in other parts of the world. Some have become hugely popular on one side of the Atlantic, only to be completely unknown on the other! So with Traditionally Speaking, we hope to introduce you to some brand new Christmas traditions – some of which you might want to adopt for your own yuletide celebrations.A new episode of the podcast is released every month, so why not tune in and join the fun?