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 Author, Joe Moore, FRSA

Fantasy, children's stories, suspense thrillers, Christian themes, family reads, folklore, all this, and more fall under author Joe Moore's purview. This multi-award-winning author can deftly take you from a seaside resort under attack, and then to the North Pole where you will become a child again and discover a sense of wonder you thought long lost.

Living a fantasy life during the last 18 years as Santa Claus, Moore has a unique perspective for writing stories involving the Jolly Old Elf and his elves. Whether discussing iconic toys or introducing the time continuum as a way to complete all Santa must on Christmas Eve, Moore speaks with authority and believability that will cause every reader to believe as they did when they were young.

And speaking of Christmas Eve, make sure you see The Christmas Eve Journey, a new take on "The Night Before Christmas" that modernizes the Clement Moore's poem but from Santa Claus' point of view. Moore is also an elected fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts in London, England.

For younger readers he spurs their imagination spinning tales in rhyme about Santa's elves and the importance each one has to the operation at the North Pole with the Santa's Elf Series©. At the end of each story, he has Santa give them a unique message on how to stay on the nice list all year long. The Moore's have published seven books in the series with more than a dozen to follow.

That same great imagination will have you searching the skies for danger from above, or attempting to figure out the time travel enigma that his characters perform skillfully visiting one period and civilization than another. Moore has sixteen books in print with five award-winning books to his credit. With his originality and inspiration, you never know what he will come out with next.

Why not join him on his journeys? It promises to be an exceptionally fun ride.