The North Pole Press

May 13, 2016

Wow, have we been busy! So many great projects we have been working on. Last month Joe and I, as Santa and Mrs Claus went to DayStar Productions to film a DVD of us reading the first 3 books of our Santa's Elf Series.

We did all the filming in front of a “green” screen so the production crew would be able to insert the pages from the children's books behind us. And as in the case of the best laid plans, this didn't work out as expected.

You see when they start to edit the filming, the software eliminates all the green. Which works really well if you are not wearing any green. LOL When we were filming Santa wore green suspenders! I don't think anyone really realized it because it was against one of his Santa shirts. However, when they were doing the editing this made a big difference in Santa's appearance.

But you know, what seems at the time a disaster, ofter turns into the best mistake. At first, we thought the book pages would be behind us, but instead they had to create a border. Santa or Mrs Claus is on one side and the book pages are on the other. They did a super job of having the book pages “fly” off the screen. Sometimes they put both pages on the screen. DayStar really made it look great and I think the kids will enjoy all the animation and the music.

So the end product exceeded our expectations! We are both so pleased with the result.

You can purchase this on our welcome page, there is a link to buy. We are offering a discount on both the DVD itself and the DVD and Santa's Series Book Package.

Till Next Time.....

Mrs Mary Claus