The North Pole Press

October 30, 2016

Has it REALLY been that long since I have posted? The time is just flying by, does that happen to you too?

Well....when last we chatted, we went to several shows in May and June, mostly around the Knoxville area. We had bought a great new canopy, red & white of course, do start doing outside shows. Well we certainly put it to the test in Lenoir City in June. Lots of rain and wind, in fact many canopies were destroyed. Glad to say our's stood up to the elements, and most importantly remained waterproof inside. We took our canopy on the road to Townsend (Spring & Fall), Beershba Springs (Aug), and Erwin. We had rain at every show!!!!! But of course we sold lots of books and got to meet many new readers and catch up with our fans. Here are a few pics from our last show at the Apple Festival in Erwin.

    JoeMaryAppleFestival   closeupJoewDVDplayingJoeAppleFestival

Mid year I started on our new Santa's Elf Series First Reader Book – Keeney Eagleye, Naughty/Nice List Manager. I was doing really well when I had an accident. On August 16th , I fell going down the steps on our porch. Thought I was on the last step and I wasn't! Anyway, broke a bone in my ankle, sprained my ankle, bruised and skined my knees and bruised my right hand. Needless to say that brought everything to a screeching halt! Had to try and master crutches, which believe me at my age is no easy task, and then wear one of those big black boots. But it could have been much worse so for that I am very grateful. Today, I still have a swollen ankle, but I am back about 95%. Unfortuneatly, it put me behind not only on my blog, but on illustrating Keeney.

I have just finished Keeney, so I will tell you all about that on my next blog, which should be next week!

See you then,

Mrs. Claus