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Reflections By Mrs Claus


Rollin, Rollin, Rollin keep those Zorbs Ro'llin”


Let's laugh! Today we get so embroiled in the news and the Covid-19 pandemic that we forget how to have fun and enjoy ourselves.

As we are Santa and Mrs Claus at heart, we are childlike and full of wonder at the world around us. We love to try new things, especially if it looks like fun. Santa Claus is always ready to embark on a new adventure.

Our Executive Producer, Bob Denney, at Mountain Fun Life approached us with a very unique idea he had. It was certainly something that we had never heard about before. (Just goes to show there is always something new to learn and explore.)

“How would you like to take a ride in a Zorb?” Bob asked Santa.

“A what?” was his reply.

“A Zorb, you see you get in a giant plastic ball and roll down a long hill,” Bob answered.

“And that is suppose to be fun? I don't know Bob, even to me that does not sound like a lot of fun.”

“Oh sure it is, and to make it even more fun, I thought you could ride down the hill with Elvis!”

“Now what makes you think we both fit in this one plastic ball? You know that Santa is not exactly small.” Santa was hesitant, “I don't think this is a good idea and I'm not sure I get why I would want to roll down a hill in a big plastic ball by myself, or with Elvis.”

“Well, Outdoor Gravity Park in Pigeon Forge is the only Zorbing Park in the USA. This sport was developed in New Zeland and you know how those 'Kiwis' love to have fun.” Bob explained further, “It is an 11 foot inflatable ball, filled with 10 gallons of water and you roll down a 1000 foot hill. What's not to like?”

Bob was almost feverish by now, “Just think Santa Claus and Elvis rolling down the hill with Elvis singing, 'Santa Claus is coming to town.' I think everyone would love this, the thought is just too funny.”

“I don't know, I'm still not convinced that I would have fun,” answered Santa. “But you are probably right that this should bring lots of smiles. All right, let's go for it.”


Well needless to say Santa Claus and Elvis were good sports and indeed did take a ride together on the Zorb and roll down the hill. After watching the video, I was rolling on the floor laughing. You can't watch this without smiling and laughing....Enjoy!


Santa and Elvis Ride in the Zorb!

 We are Flying in a 1927 Bi-Plane!

We have been having the time of our lives! How about a thrilling ride on a 1927 Bi-Plane? Yep we got the chance to ride in this beautifully restored plane owned and piloted by Marc Hightower from Sky High Air Tours.


This type of plane was used to carry cargo, postal services, crop dusters and explorers. Our pilot Marc actually sits behind you. Joe and I got to sit up front which was surprisingly more spacious than I would have thought. Apparently, when they designed the plane they expected to have to carry large amounts of cargo or mail. So there was plenty of room for Joe and I.

Marc made sure we were buckled in and ready for our flight. There is just one set of headphones so Joe wore those so he could talk to Marc. Already, we were starting to get excited and we had not even left the ground. At this point make sure you tie your hair back. I did but Joe didn't and when you watch the video you will see we both look a little wild.




So we began to taxi down the runway to takeoff. I can't begin to tell you how different this is from riding in an enclosed plane. Many years ago, I took a ride in a Piper Cherokee which is a small plane, but so different from riding open to the wind. Off we lifted and with the wind in our hair we were free of the land.

What a ride! Surprisingly, it was not as loud as I thought it would be. We were flying at about 90 mph but it did not seem that fast. We had a wonderful sunny day without much wind so there was no turbulence. We flew over Pigeon Forge and Dollywood. Such a different view from the air.

All too soon our ride was over and it was time to land. Marc did such a good job on the landing that I did not even feel a bump. If you get the chance to visit the Smokies I would highly recommend this plane ride. And if you can't come here, but get the opportunity to ride in one of these vintage planes make sure you do.

Watch the Video Here

A Special Visit from Red Skelton

Now I am really revealing my age, but, did you watch The Red Skelton Show when you were a child? My parents loved Red so indeed I watched the show every week. I came to love the different characters that Red was so famous for I especially liked Freddie the Freeloader and Clem Kadiddlehopper.

So Joe and I were thrilled when we were told we would have a special guest on our show Story Time with Santa and Mrs Claus on May26th. It was none other than the famous Red Skelton portrayed by Brian Hoffman.

Pigeon Forge, TN is the only place in the US where the portrayal of Red Skelton is sanctioned by the Skelton family. Brian performs at the Red Skelton Comedy Show, which as of this writing has 533 5-star reviews on Trip Advisor. Brian used to do this show in Las Vegas and then about 5 years ago he bought his show to Pigeon Forge.

Red Skelton Brian Hoffman Las Vegas

And our “Red Skelton” certainly did not disappoint. What fun we had with Red. (Watch the full episode here.)

One of Joe's fondest memories was of Red Skelton reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. He was always very moved by Red's rendition of the Pledge. So he wanted to recite this very special Pledge of Allegiance with Red on our show. So in honor of Flag Day here is the video.

Santa & Red Skelton Recite the Pledge of Allegiance


 Our Own TV Show???

As we say on our website's front page, 2020 is a year of changes! But who could have guessed the kind of changes we would witness this year, certainly not me. Like almost everyone this year, Joe and I had to re-think all of our plans. Normally, in the beginning of the year we are both working on our books...Joe writing and me illustrating. But before we could even get started the Covid 19 pandemic hit and turned all our lives upside down.

So I thought I would share with you how we came about to have a weekly TV show. I can assure you this was certainly not on our radar. After everyone was “staying at home” we started to see more and more comments on Facebook about parents trying to teach and entertain their children. Joe and I wanted to try and help parents, and to reassure children, that they would be OK.

Possibly a good idea, but how to implement it? We started to talk about doing a live video from our house on Facebook, as so many others were doing. I mean how hard could that be? CartoonImage

So we put together a live video...and it was awful. I mean terrible - both the sound and the video. Well, what to do now? Last year, we had the good fortune to be interviewed on this new digital TV channel out of Pigeon Forge, TN. So we reached out to Mountain Fun Life and pitched them the idea of “Story Time with Santa and Mrs Claus.” Thankfully, the owner liked the idea and gave us the opportunity to come in and do a pilot. (Want to see our 1st Episode? Click Here)


  And so began our new TV career! At last, we had the opportunity to reach out to more parents than we ever could. Joe and I would now be able to reassure kids and help give parents a bit of a break on entertaining their children. Something for children to look forward to. The premise of our ½ hour show was the following: Joe or I would read a book, then we found educational and entertaining links on the web suitable to share with children, we also put together games kids could play at home, and I made goodies which the kids could also do at home with Mom and Dad.


Studioconsole1               studio1    

Well that was almost 3 months ago. This next Tuesday will be our 12th episode. We have slowly but surely been building our fan base. In fact, we now have added interviews with some astounding people. I hope you catch some of our episodes. Remember, we are on Mountain Fun Life on Facebook Live every Tuesday morning at 10:00 am EST.