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Books Available Now:

Return of the Birds

Revenge of the Birds

Santa's Famous Incredible Flying Reindeer

The Santa Claus Enigma

The Santa Claus Trilogy

Believe Again, The North PoleChronicles1st book in the Trilogy

Faith, Hope & Reindeer- 2nd book in the Trilogy

Glaciers Melt & Mountains Smoke- 3rd book in the Trilogy

New Young Adult Book

The Faces of Krampus

Santa's Elf Series Children's Books!

Santa's World- Introducing Santa's Elf Series

Jamie Hardrock- Chief Mining Elf

Shelley Wrapitup- Master Design Elf

Keeney Eagleye - Naughty/Nice List Manager

Sarah Buttons - Master Doll Maker

Ford MacHarley - Master Wheelsmith

Carol Joynote - Chief Music Coordinator