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Fantasy, children’s stories, suspense thrillers, Christian themes, family reads, folklore, all this, and more fall under author Joe Moore’s purview. This multi-award-winning author can deftly take you from a seaside resort under attack, and then to the North Pole where you will become a child again and discover a sense of wonder you thought long lost.

The Christmas Eve Journey, a new take on “The Night Before Christmas” that modernizes the Clement Moore’s poem but from Santa Claus’ point of view.

“The Christmas Eve Journey”

For younger readers Joe spurs their imagination spinning tales in rhyme about Santa’s elves and the importance each one has to the operation at the North Pole with the Santa’s Elf Series©. At the end of each story, Santa gives them a unique message on how to stay on the nice list all year long.Santa’s Elf Series

Santa’s Elf Series

This is a three-part series that is a family read for everyone from preteen kids reading chapter books to the eldest great grand-parent. It answers a great many mysteries and legends about Santa Claus while entertaining the reader with imaginative fantasies and real events of the world.

Santa Claus Trilogy

“The Faces of Krampus” How the many faces of Krampus, Black Peter, Pelznickel and the like came to be is the result of Peter accepting this new role as Santa’s enforcer, and the travels he has with the most famous gift-giver in the world.

Christmas Books

“Return Of The Birds” The last attack happened more than 50 years ago in another sleepy resort-side village called Bodega Bay. Little was known about that attack, since several of the principals involved either fled or died off soon afterward, and many of the records were ordered burned along with the dead birds. In fact, no one can be sure it is the same situation after all these years.

“Revenge of the Birds” Just when you thought it was safe to search the skies again, in Revenge of the Birds, Moore writes the sequel to his frightening tale, Return of the Birds, and he is not holding any punches. The diseased birds are back with a vengeance.

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