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Revenge of the Birds

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2019 Finalist in Suspense from The American Fiction Awards

Revenge of the Birds

Now We Are In Trouble!

They thought all the birds died out. They thought they had eradicated the disease. They thought everyone was safe. They thought wrong.
Joe Moore, the international, award-winning author who wrote numerous novels and children's books is at it again. Just when you thought it was safe to search the skies again, in Revenge of the Birds, Moore writes the sequel to his frightening tale, Return of the Birds, and he is not holding any punches. The diseased birds are back with a vengeance.

The question is can they stop the deadly virus in time or will it spread throughout the world? With a faulty antibiotic and problems with patients already treated, this race against time will have you turning the page almost faster than you can read it.

Revenge can be deadly.

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ISBN #9781732495890-  Paperback $17.95

ISBN #9781732495883- Hardback $27.95

ISBN #9781733676106- Ebook

268 Pages

Size 5x8