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Santa Claus Enigma


The Santa Claus Enigma

What is an enigma? According to the dictionary definition it is; a person or thing that is mysterious, puzzling, or difficult to understand. Santa Claus fits into all three parts of this definition.

He is certainly mysterious, popping in and out of homes at Christmastime without people knowing he has been there and gone.

Santa is puzzling. Precisely why does he bring toys and gifts to the Christian world, and ask nothing in return except good behavior from the recipients?

And through his flying around the world with unusual modes of transportation, distributing billions of presents, and answering to a variety of names and dress, Santa is difficult to understand to the common man or woman.

This book will solve many of the questions above and a few more. The elves compiled the most sought after questions and secrets about this mysterious gift-giver. They put forth explanations to answer, and help understand how things work in the North Pole and with Santa Claus.

You now have the answers in your hand. Enigma solved.

5.06 x 7.81

50 Pages

ISBN #9780999297728 - Paperback $6.00

ISBN #9781732378261 - Ebook