Santa Claus Trilogy

The Santa Claus Trilogy is a three-part series that is a family read for everyone from preteen kids reading chapter books to the eldest great grand-parent. It answers a great many mysteries and legends about Santa Claus while entertaining the reader with imaginative fantasies and real events of the world.

The books revolve around Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus and the goings-on at the North Pole. But the time frame involves the full year. Only one book (Faith, Hope & Reindeer) takes place solely at Christmastime. Believe Again takes place from the late 1700’s until modern day and involves many historical events and how they affect Santa and the entire North Pole.

Many of the mysteries and misbeliefs about Santa and his helpers are explained in very logical terms, but with a very entertaining storyline. With the adventures Santa has, it honestly will have the whole family believing in Santa Claus and the North Pole like never before. And if you are a teacher, or are homeschooling, the history in Believe Again makes it a delightful way to teach actual events of the world.