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Jamie Hardrock, Chief Mining Elf




Jamie Hardrock, Chief Mining Elf

Santa's Message:

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Jamie Hardrock, Chief Mining Elf – used to mine for coal, but we ran out and the coal turned to hard rock candy! Jamie is a favorite with all the other elves and of course Santa and Mrs. Claus enjoy the candy he brings.

All of the stories of Santa's Elf Series are written in rhyme as first readers for children. Also each book contains a unique message from Santa Claus on good behavior and how to stay on Santa's Nice List.

Joseph (aka Santa Claus) is the author and Mary Moore (aka Mrs. Claus) does all the illustrations. Each book is 8 ½ x 11  in full color.

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36 Pages

ISBN #9780978712976 - Paperback $11.95

ISBN #9780999297759 - Hardback $19.95

AudioBook - $5.95

ISBN #9781732495814 - Ebook




HardCover Audio Book