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Santa's World Introducing Santa's Elf Series

Santa's Message:

Be Polite, Say Please & Thank You

A long time ago Santa Claus met his elves. They offered to help him make his dream of bringing gifts and toys to children throughout the world come true. Now Santa finally tells the stories of his most important helpers in a series that helps young readers learn to read.

This series shows your child the wonder of the North Pole while teaching and entertaining them through rhyme and beautiful illustrations. Each book, including this one, contains a “message” from Santa Claus regarding how to stay on Santa's Nice List. For example, sharing, picking up after yourself, showing respect, etc.

This is the first book in the “Santa's Elf Series” that brings the magic of Christmas to your home all year long and explains who helps Santa Claus get everything done. New editions will be out yearly, making this a tradition and keepsake for you and your family to pass on for generations.

All of the stories of Santa's Elf Series are written in rhyme as first readers for children.

Joseph (aka Santa Claus) is the author and Mary Moore (aka Mrs. Claus) does all the illustrations. Each book is 8 ½ x 11 in full color.

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40 Pages

ISBN #9780978712907 - Paperback $11.95

ISBN #9780999297742 - Hardback $19.95

AudioBook - $5.95

ISBN #9781732378285 - Ebook





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