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Sarah Buttons, Master Doll Maker




Sarah Buttons, Master Doll Maker

 Santa's Message:

Gratitude, Be Grateful for What You Have


Where would Santa be without dolls and action figures? Every year, these are the most requested of all the toys on children's lists! And thanks to Sarah Buttons, Santa never has to worry. Santa's Elf SeriesĀ© is pleased to bring you the story of Sarah Buttons, our Master Doll Maker.

Sarah is one of our most important elves. She draws, designs and then creates all the dolls, stuffed animals and even soldiers and superheroes for the girls and boys who ask for them each Christmas. Now you can meet Sarah (and maybe see a couple other elves you may recognize)!

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8 1/2 x 11

34 Pages

ISBN #9780978712969 - Paperback $11.95

ISBN#9780999297780 - Hardback $19.95

AudioBook - $5.95

ISBN #9781732378292 - Ebook




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