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Santa's Famous, Incredible Flying Reindeer


Santa's Famous, Incredible,

Flying Reindeer

For centuries people of all ages have been spying the night sky looking for them. Children have attempted to stay awake for hours to hear them. Parents have talked about them but couldn't describe them. And everyone hopes to catch the slightest glimpse, even if just once in their life

Well, here they are for all to see. Santa's Famous, Incredible, Flying Reindeer has finally been photographed and placed in this book to share with friends and family alike. You'll also learn what makes them fly, and how and why red nosed reindeer have that amazing red nose!

But these are the best known by name and reputation. Movies have been made of several of these reindeer (although they used acting reindeer, not the real ones shown in this book), books have been written- But no one has actually explained how each one got their name, what makes them so unique, what is their dominant characteristic, and of course a picture of each.

So come meet Torch, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donder and Blitzen. At last, you can meet Santa's Famous, Incredible, Flying Reindeer, and know what they truly look like.

5.06 x 7.81

50 Pages

ISBN #9780978712914- Paperback $6.00

ISBN #9781732378254 - Ebook