Carol Joynote Cover 1200x1650 

Our 7th children's book!

Say hello to Carol Joynote, Chief Music Coordinator of the North Pole. Carol joins our other six books in our Santa's Elf Series alongside Jamie Hardrock, Chief Mining Elf, on up to the award-winning Ford MacHarley, Master Wheelsmith. We are waiting to receive the final proof from our printer and then Carol will be available to order. We will be displaying her along with our other two new releases, Revenge of the Birds and The Christmas Eve Journey (both of these are award-winners for 2019.)

Music truly makes the world go round. And we have the best music in the world up at the North Pole. And Carol Joynote is the elf that makes all this beautiful music happen for us.

Whether working with carolers or bands or teaching music to our younger elves, Carol puts joy into everything she does. And the result? Everyone at the North Pole is smiling and singing right along with her. Our work never feels like work when we are happy and doing the things we love.

The music brings out the best in us and all who hear it. It is one of the many blessings God gave us so we can praise him and all the wonderful things he has bestowed on us. So come along and join Carol as she sings and plays her way through the North Pole, and you may just be singing, too.

Santa's Message in this book states that why we all may be different, the unique things about each of us should be celebrated and not feared or hated. Every elf at the North Pole appreciates everyone else and we rely on each other to perform miracles every day.

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