Santa’s list has always been a cause for jubilation and concern for children around the globe. “Am I on the nice list?” is a question I have been asked more times than there are hairs in my beard.

So I developed a way for kids to know instantly how they are doing and whether they should put more effort into being better behaved, and quickly. When I introduced this to parents, they adopted this into their family with wonderful results. The initial problem was I could only get inexpensive plastic coins that disappeared or broke after a short time.

So my solution was to create a better coin that was heavier (and looked A LOT better) and could be displayed more easily. The best part of this is families use the coin year round to let their kids know that Santa is always watching and updating his lists.

Now Santa’s Magic Coin is popping up in homes all over the world. Of course, since there are so many children Santa needed help monitoring the Naughty/Nice list, so he put Keeney Eagleye in charge. So the coin features Santa on one side (Nice) and Keeney on the other side (Naughty).

So you can tell your kids how they are doing in Santa’s eyes with the flip of a coin. This program has been tested for years, and it works. Period.

Even better, you can reinforce the coin with the book about Keeney from Santa’s Elf Series©, and

even get custom children’s apparel with Keeney from North Pole Press that kids will love to wear (and will be a subtle reminder that Santa’s elf is always watching). Each product sold separately.