Stay On Your Shelf, Elf! – Introducing The Naughty/Nice Program

Watch our video as Santa Claus explains our Naughty/Nice Program!

Why do so many parents dread the passing of Thanksgiving? Because they know for the next month plus, they will need to reposition their little visitor. And they best not forget, or be too busy, or they will have a lot of explaining to do.

If they choose not to partake in this, they must explain why Santa does not care enough to send their child an elf.

There’s a better way. And it only takes the flip of a coin.

Parents can show their kids that Santa is indeed watching all year long, simply and effectively. Santa has help in the form of Keeney Eagleye, the elf who is in charge of Santa’s famous Naughty/Nice list.

Keeney peers from his tower all year checking on kids throughout the world, making sure they are being good enough to stay on the Nice list each day. And if they are not, he needs to move them to that dreaded other list. How many times they are one list, or the other, determines how great their Christmas will be that year.

But how does he know how good they have been? Because you have the Naughty/Nice coin that you received from Keeney Eagleye, along with his letter he sent to your kids from The North Pole Press.

This beautiful custom-made 1½” gold-plated coin has Santa’s face on one side exclaiming how good the child has been, and Keeney’s face on the other side that says “Uh-oh, you better behave” on the other, indicating they are going to be put on the Naughty list.

With the Naughty/Nice Program©, you will find not only the coin and letter from Keeney to your kids, but an optional frame to place it in, books in every format about Keeney Eagleye, Naughty/Nice List Manager, and even custom-made crew neck shirts and leggings, all to help reinforce the program all year long.

Get yours today, Keeney is waiting to hear from you.