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For 18 years we have been bringing joy and fulfilling dreams to children of all ages as Santa and Mrs. Claus. We have done this in personal appearances, through our books and with lots of videos. We are continuing this journey, having now published 16 books and produced several dozen family friendly videos for everyone to enjoy. This even includes videos on the secrets of how Santa does what he does!

We wish to continue this adventure with our storytelling, books, visits, interviews and videos. We have been blessed to publish at least one children's book annually. However, costs for book production and marketing have escalated, and getting the books to our international market have grown, greatly. We also need a larger studio and better equipment to do many of the videos we want to produce.

Most importantly, we have always done what we could to help others and bring the true meaning of Santa to others less fortunate. During these difficult days, we hope to continue to bring the spirit of Christmas to all we can.

And so we are seeking some very special elves that will help us further our goals. We also want to build a relationship with the people reading and viewing our products. This will help us achieve our goals while giving us feedback on what we are accomplishing. We believe doing this will create more demand for our content, allowing us to expand our reach. We are hoping our patrons will give us the tools and direction we need.

If you have ever wanted a relationship with Santa Claus (or Mrs. Claus), here is your chance. We welcome all who wish to spread Christmas cheer year round. We want everyone to believe again in the magic of Santa Claus and Christmas.