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The North Pole Has Rediscovered YouTube!

Santa and Mrs. Claus have been on YouTube for years. But people kept asking us for more...more content, more videos, more information, etc.

Of course, Santa heard you. We have built an entirely new channel, and have re-edited and brought many of our previous videos, on YouTube, and are continously adding more content as we travel around and meet more people.

Want to know about our reindeer? It's on there. Want to know what Santa and Mrs. Claus are making in the kitchen? We've posted that. Want to see where Santa and Mrs. Claus have been recently? Come along with us. Want to know who Santa and Mrs. Claus met with recently? You'll love meeting them!

There is so much more to the Clauses and North Pole than just reindeer and elves, although we certainly cover all that we can on these subjects for you.

Come visit us on “A Visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus” ON Our YouTube Channel - A Visit with Santa and Mrs Claus

And if you have questions or suggestions of what you'd like to see, let us know. We are only a sleigh ride away!

As a sampling, here are some of the categories we have on our YouTube channel. If you subscribe to our channel, you will know all the new content we put it up faster than you can say, "Jingle Bells."

Santa & Mrs. Claus Meet with ...

The Clauses Visit with Bill Landry, TV Star of the Heartland Series, Author and Storyteller

Santa & Mrs Claus Meet with Marc Hightower after flying in his vintage Bi-Plane

Santa & Mrs Claus Visit with Elvis Presley 

Santa & Mrs Claus Meet Red Skelton

A Magical Meeting Between Magician Terry Evanswood and Santa & Mrs Claus

Santa & Mrs Claus Meet with Renowned Nature Photographer J Scott Graham

Santa & Mrs Claus Visit with Cindy Heinemann owner of Misty Mountain Soap Co

Santa & Mrs Claus Meet with Cam Cabin Crafts

Santa & Mrs Claus Visit with Andrea Ludden from the Salt & Pepper Museum

Cooking Fun with Santa & Mrs Claus ...

Mrs Claus Makes Chocolate Chip Cookies

Santa and Mrs Claus are cooking with Janice from Jammin Jams

Mrs Claus Makes Energy Bites for Santa


What You Want to Know from Santa Claus ...

Santa Claus Explains Why Reindeer are so Unique

Santa Claus Talk About Reindeer

Santa Tells How Rudolph Glows and Flies

Santa Claus' Naughty and Nice Program

Santa Claus and Red Skelton Recite the Pledge of Allegiance

Santa Claus Explains Christmas in July and His Historical Thomas Nast Suit

Virtual Christmas Visit With Santa Claus

WBIR Interview Storytime with Santa and Mrs Claus


Santa and Mrs. Claus Visited ...

Santa and Mrs. Claus Fly in a Bi-Plane

Santa Claus and Elvis Presley Ride in a Zorb

Santa and Mrs. Claus Visit The Great Smoky Mountain Heritage Center

Santa and Mrs. Claus Take a Tour Around Fort Loudon

Santa and Mrs. Claus Spend Mother's Day in the Smokies