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North Pole Press Exciting News for 2018

2018SESwmessages  2018. Did you know if you laid the “8” on its side, you would have the infinity symbol? And as one famous character said, 'To infinity and beyond!' And that is where Joe and Mary are heading. As exciting and successful as last year was with all the new and established fans, shows and adventures, we could not be more excited about the plans for this new year.

Joe and Mary have already begun work on two new books. Joe's sixth novel will star a character the readers of The Santa Claus Trilogy or The Faces of Krampus already know. His name is Aeon Millennium and you know him as the North Pole's time-traveling elf. He helped both Santa Claus and his traveling companion, Krampus, with discovering how to control and stop time at will. Readers will finally get to follow Aeon's adventures through time and learn how he helped establish the North Pole. Aeon Millennium, The Time Traveling Elf will be released at a time to be announced late summer or early fall of this year.

The other book will put all of Mary's skills (and probably some new ones) into play. A few years back, Joe wrote a poem that takes the classic “A Visit From St. Nicholas” (also known as “The Night Before Christmas”) and completely updates it and reveals the events from Santa's point of view. Titled The Christmas Eve Journey, this poem explains how and why Santa does what he does. Completely and beautifully illustrated by Mary, this book promises to be a new classic on an old, but still wonderful, message by another Moore.

In the fall of the year, we will again be visiting the shows we attended in 2017, and we plan to have another major surprise concerning Santa's Elf Series©, which was so well received by so many of you this past year.

We thank you for our record-breaking sales last year, and for all the wonderful comments and glowing praises for our books. We especially want to thank our readers who are making our books an annual purchase, and the many of you who have bought the entire collection of Santa's Elf Series© and The Santa Claus Trilogy. You make us truly proud of what we do and keep us focused on keeping you entertained during this and future years.