The North Pole Press





It has become as rare as the rarest element on earth. There used to be far more of it. And because we got ample doses of it when we were younger, we were able to come up with many of the things we take for granted today.

Because we had imagination back then, we now have cell phones smaller than Star Trek communicators, computers no bigger than our hand, and TV's the size of theaters. But, as with any element, if we do not replace what we use, we could lose it forever. So how do we replenish this extremely valuable commodity? The same way we got it before.

Walt Disney used it all the time. So did Steven Spielberg. Theodor Geisel manufactured it out of thin air and then gave it to the masses...

Of course we are talking about books. Great liturgists like Dickens, Swift, and Dumas could take us anywhere we might want to go. Rowling and Tolkien taught us that with imagination we could create anything from incredible magic to entirely new worlds. Jules Verne saw much of the world we now live in, and he taught us how to create it.

Mary and Joe Moore see another world. It has a plethora of characters. It is as magical as Hogwarts and has a world within a world like Middle Earth. It has crossed generation after generation since the 1700's. It has helped keep children from misbehaving, excites our kids every year, inspired adults, and given us countless memories of Christmas mornings wrapped in brightly colored paper. It is the North Pole, and it is as alive and vibrant today, as it has been for centuries.

They want to share this world with your children. They want them to regain their vast store of imagination. They wish to fill your kids with wonder once more. They want your children to dream the world they are possible of dreaming, so they can one day bring it to us and their children, and their children after them.

Please. Help Joe and Mary bring that rare element to your child. Grow their imagination so that your children can one day say they imagined a better world because of books, and because Santa showed them that anything was possible when you can imagine it. Hurry, before it all slips away.


Ask and believe and wonderous things can happen. You just need to become a child once more, and have a child's faith". - Noel Hottentot, Balloonist