A Whole New World for Joe and Mary! 

We made a major move! We have gone from Tennessee to Rocket City this year. So now people are meeting us in and around Huntsville, Alabama. What a great place! We are so very impressed with all the industry and growth in this area. Aside from the Redstone Arsenal and NASA, there is a huge amount of industry and new residences being built in every corner of this area!

And while our location has changed, our products and services are all still intact. If you would like to see these visit our store www.northpolepress.com.

If you haven’t visited us lately, here is a reminder of some of the things we offer.

Let’s start with all our clothing collections –

We now have a clothing line for every one of our elves. From Jamie Hardrock to Carol Joynote. Mary has custom-designed a great series of crew neck shirts and leggings for kids and toddlers. Each elf has five color choices and loads of sizes to choose from.

Have you seen our new Christmas Eve Journey collection? It was just released. The entire family can cuddle up by the fireplace in matching pants and shirts celebrating the success of The Christmas Eve Journey going across the world as the new Night Before Christmas! And if you are going out on, we have you covered there as well, literally! Hoodies, sweatshirts, and joggers are all available with Santa and his magical reindeer team leading you on.

Is Halloween more your style? Yep, got you handled with our new Return of the Birds collection. Show everyone that you are courageous enough to read Joe Moore’s popular book which is the next chapter of Hitchcock’s “The Birds”.

And talking about The Christmas Eve Journey!

This book has become our most popular title everywhere across the world. Not only can you order it here but you can get a copy from Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Amazon, Walmart, independent booksellers, and many places around the globe like Waterstones in London. However, if you want an autographed copy, this is the best place to get one.

Because of its hardcover and premium paper, many have opted for the online version to make it more cost-effective. Santa and Mrs. Claus heard you, so we are releasing a softcover version of The Christmas Eve Journey at about half the price of its hardcover version! However, we maintained the high-quality premium paper like its hardcover brother, because we wanted to keep the pristine, crisp look of all of Mary’s beautiful illustrations intact.

This book is now available. So all of you who have been waiting for a more affordable version of this increasingly popular book, it will now be available for this year’s Christmas Eve reading – and you can even do it together in your The Christmas Eve Journey clothing!

So have some fun!

Take a good look at all the wonderful new items and revisit some popular ones, again. We have also reduced our prices on some of our books and collections. So enjoy browsing through our site again. We can almost guarantee you will be surprised.