Meet one amazing lady, Mary Moore.

  Mary is the designer of a new custom-made clothing line and the illustrator of the children’s books of the Santa’s Elf Series©, the publisher of all the titles for North Pole Press, and so much more.

  After a successful finance career, Mary put down her calculator and concentrated further on her computer. She had always been proficient on the machine, but she learned an entirely new skill set, including using her mouse to draw elves and their beautiful backgrounds. Yes, her mouse.

  She has gone from designing covers and formatting books for her author-husband, to creating stunning artwork for her children’s books, to designing one-of-a-kind patterns for t-shirts, leggings, and even coins for their naughty/nice program. Now with each elf drawn for Santa’s Elf Series©, she has fashioned a line of clothing that any youth would be proud to wear. Not to mention being a subtle reminder to kids that no matter the time of year, Santa Claus and his crew are still around and watching what kids are doing.

  Mary also serves the public as Mrs. Claus to her Santa of eighteen years. She has accompanied Santa Joe Moore in all his various duties, including virtual and physical visits, as the jolly old elf, and he admits he’d be lost without her.

  A graduate of Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, Mary is still hard at work wearing her multiple hats. Each year she draws a new elf book for their Santa’s Elf Series© from the poetry Joe wrote, updates their website, online store, and designs the clothing to accompany the new elf story, all while running their publishing company.

  Mary and Joe have plans to introduce other licensed products to coincide with each elf based on their responsibilities to Santa and the North Pole. So her talents will be pushed further designing new products and merchandise in the future.

  If you are lucky enough to catch Mary at one of the many arts and crafts shows they frequent, make sure you stop by and say hello. You will never meet a more talented, interesting, and delightful lady.