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The Faces of Krampus

Award: “Award Finalist in the Holidays category of the 2018 American Fiction Awards”

Is he a monster? Is he an ogre? Or is he just a simple enforcer for St. Nicholas?

The answer is yes. Well sort of…he is a chimney sweep. Beaten and scourged himself, he was trying to squeeze out a living for him and his mother. That was when he ran into Santa Claus, and Santa had a problem of his own.

He was looking for someone like Peter, who had the ability and talent to immediately know who was good, and who was not. And he needed Peter to leave a message to all those naughty kids, and to punish the really bad ones in a more severe manner.

How the many faces of Krampus, Black Peter, Pelznickel and the like came to be is the result of Peter accepting this new role as Santa’s enforcer, and the travels he has with the most famous gift-giver in the world.

And they had it all working. That is, until the devil, himself, got involved!

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Hardback, Paperback, & ebook

5 1/2 x 8 1/2

184 Pages