Keeney Eagleye – Naughty/Nice List Manager

Keeney Checking the Naughty/Nice Lists
Santa’s Message: Saying your prayers at night and giving your worries to God.

Ever wonder where all those elves that visit between Thanksgiving and Christmas go every night? Of course you know they go to the North Pole, but do they all visit Santa Claus? How would Santa have time to get anything else done if every one of them did?

Santa has a secret assistant to help him with this. This elf makes all the changes to the Naughty and Nice lists and meets with the elves that fly up in their jet packs. This elf manages the lists and brings the changes to Santa the next day, where of course Santa checks the list twice.

It is time you met Keeney Eagleye, Santa’s Naughty/Nice List Manager. He is the elf that watches over children year round, and manages all the elves that visit your home around the holidays before Christmas Eve. Santa trusts Keeney to let him know who is being good, and who is not, every day.

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